Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mobile Applications for Spa Centers

60% of women search at least once a week for a beauty product or service!

Imagine this huge number of searches and this huge demand. At the same time imagine how many suppliers are out there competing to win women money.

Do you want to compete hard? Get a mobile app in order to stand out among the crowd, and give beauty seekers the best beauty solutions just in their hands.

Tawasol has the experience and capability needed to design and develop the right mobile application for your business which includes -but not limited to- the following features:

Show what you have :In this section you can mention all the services you provide; massage, body treatment, facials, therapy, etc. Supported with photos

Reservation  :Make it easy for users to check what available time slots are convenient for them in order to book.

Preferences  :Make it more exciting, once the user books an appointment give him/her the option to choose their favorite music, drinks and snacks, etc. also allow them to tell you if this is a special occasion; like birthday or anniversary

Locations and working hours :Very simple feature that is really needed, users want to know where the nearest location is and when the opening hours are.

Review  and go social  :Make your app social, let your customers rate your service, also give them the ability to share their reviews, photos and videos.

Videos : People like to see such services in action, so record some videos while doing massage or facials and upload them to the app, users will love this.

Maps : let your customers find you and reach you fast and easy.

Call Us: Some people like just to call right away, so make it just a touch-to-call.

About Us:  Tell your customers your story, how you started your business and since when, make them feel the human passion behind your business.

Push Notifications: Engage with customers instantly by announcing limited-time offers, sneak previews, and more with geo-targeted push notifications.

Web page: a special web page for your application, this will make your name appears in search engines and this web page will direct users to download your app.

Social Media: Allow your customers to share their photos and videos on their social networks, at the same time make it easy for them to talk to you through your social networks.

We are located in USA, Spain, UAE, Saudi, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, and Morocco and would love to have a meeting if you want further details.

Please give us a call or just leave your number or email in a comment or send us at and we will take care of everything else.
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