Monday, February 2, 2015

Mobile Applications for Restaurants and Cafes

How many times a week we make decisions to eat? And how we make these decisions?
Simply we ask or search, and those who are close enough to us always win to serve our hunger.
So there is always a space for any restaurant to win new customers and to retain current ones, but this is only and if only this restaurant is close enough to them.

We at Tawasol help restaurants to have their own mobile application that lets them stand out among the crowd and win customer over other competitors.

And guess what?! We do it quick and for a very competitive price.

Please allow us to tell you about some features of restaurant mobile app:
       Menu:  Make customers’ mouths water as they browse your menu right from the app and view images of your delicious delights.
       Table Reservation: Let customers book a table in your restaurant right through the app.
       Click to order: Make it very easy for your customers to order, all what they need is to click/ touch and call you to order.
       Events: Tell your customers about your events and activities, they would love to come see and experience something new and different.
       Social Media :Allow your customers to interact with you on your social networks from within the application
       Location: Let your users find you on the map to be able to come and dine.
       Contact US: Show your customers where you exist, list all your locations along with contact details like email, telephone fax and mobile number.

We are located in USA, Spain, UAE, Saudi, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, and Morocco and would love to have a meeting if you want further details.

Please give us a call or just leave your number or email in a comment or send us at and we will take care of everything else.
USA Office +16303645887
Spain Office +34932802166
UAE Office +97144529464
Saudi Office +966500064167

Egypt Office +2022737035
Bahrain Office +97317716109
Kuwait Office +96551000094

Thank you for reading this piece and if you think it would be of interest to any of your friends just hit share :)


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